April 2019, Progress cargo spacecraft launch tour

The blazing sun sets high above deserted Kazakhstan unflawed sky tenderly roasting with April beams. The Vegitel team with the group of our guests hit the road in search of adventures so as to enjoy the thrill of town of the Baikonur unique sights and beautiful landscapes, where the rampant wild wind goes at it with abandon along boundless prairies of the east.

Our journey begins with the International Space School where young acquisitive minds plant a love for learning how to become future professionals regarding aerospace industry. The International Space School teachers offer an opportunity to dive in to the historical aspects of the aerospace industry. The International Space School is the cradle for the future cosmonauts promising engineers.

Our intriguing journey carries on and we are about to make a visit to the site № 31, which is the place of the Progress cargo vehicle and Soyuz rocket. Our guests were paralyzed with storm of different feelings having in sights the launch pad. The progress with its gritty determination looks up to the sky muffled up with the glitters of the Kazakhstan clear skies while proudly demonstrating superiority and equanimity.

Blank amazement remains after the extensiveness of the observed installations.

Visiting the famous site №1 and Gagarin’s Start leaves the unforgettable impression. It also should be noted that we had a great chance to take a look at well – known Sputnik 1 monument which was the first artificial Earth satellite based on the same site №1.

The one of the most interesting and mind blowing sightseeing tour is visiting the Baikonur museum and legendary Buran spacecraft with an option to get inside of the spacecraft and step into the shoes of Buran spacecraft crew members.

Moreover we were fortunate to stop by the Korolev and Gagarin and memorial residential houses. This is the place where Gagarin spent the night before his first space flight.

Over the period of our insightful journey we happened to stop over the Proton launch pad.

Proceeding along the same lines we visited the site № 23 where we could successfully observe the ground tracking station 5 Saturn. That is the place where specialists receive all the necessary data of flight parameters from.

If you ever dream of visiting the Energia command center you will surely get this opportunity to take in this historical site and catch the glimpse of old times.

We couldn’t wait to visit the Cosmonaut Hotel that is a temporary residence for cosmonauts when preparing and waiting for a space flight. While strolling along the Cosmonaut Alley, where every cosmonaut planted a tree as a part of an old good tradition, we went to see press conference chamber where the global broadcast is held.

Cruising around the town of Baikonur streets we managed to drop by the famous Zero — gravity monument built as a tribute to «Conquerors of Space». As old folks call it the «Fisherman» due to its unusual frame structure.

On that bright day we were rolling over on to the museum of the Baikonur history. The museum absorbs great variety of knowledge and artifacts of the Baikonur history.

The Launch Day is the special day for all people. Clear blue sky and flaming sun above our heads work the way up to the limitless heaven. We were braced for a cosmic world – wide event. In spite of the distance between viewing point and the launch pate the brattle of the rocket pierces you through all the way down your spine. We were trembling with excitement. The rocket was up rushing while following the ballistic course and maintaining the correct rate of a flight line. The whole world was exultant over that miracle. We are proud of our technical achievement and the inventions made by our great engineers. We keep on tracking a space vehicle with eyes glued on.

We invite everyone willing to participate in our breathtaking and spectacular adventure in the town of Baikonur including visits to the historical places, museums and on the top of that you will be able to see the rocket launching which leaves you out of breath and amused for the rest of your life. Join the world – wide great event with us!!!

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