Baikonur cosmodrome tours: Launch schedule for 2018

International crews go to space only four times a year. And together with our tourists we always see them off to the orbit.

To plan your trip you may study preliminary launch schedule. Please note that launch date is determined by State Commission meeting held approximately a month before the launch, thus there are changes possible.

Generally, our Baikonur tours last for 4-5 days and the launch itself is the final and the most important part of our program.

Soyuz MS-11 spacecraft launch

december 3, 2018 group admission in progress

Soyuz MS-11 spacecraft preliminary launch date is Deceember 3, 2018.

Soyuz MS-11 crew: Oleg Kononenko, David Saint-Jacques and Anne McClain.

Tour cost: from 2700 Euro per pax.

Documents are accepted up to November 14, 2018.

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