Baikonur tour FAQ

Here you will find the answers to most frequently asked questions about our Baikonur tour.

Baikonur tours costs

The cost of our Standard 5 days/4 nights tour with the observation of manned launch is 3950 Euro (accommodation in «Sputnik» 4* hotel).

We can also offer a tour with accommodation in «Centralnaya» hotel (Soviet type 2* hotel, no wi-fi). In this case the cost of the tour will be 2700 Euro.

For the most demanding travellers we've got a special offer - VIP package, 4800 Euro.

We may either calculate an individual program for you considering various accommodation types and tour duration.

What’s included

The cost includes:

Tour duration

The standard tour generally lasts for 5 days/4 nights (rarely for 6/5 days depending on rocket roll out date and launch time). Upon request we may calculate various tour duration programs.

Extra options and services

We have a busy schedule that includes all most interesting Baikonur facilities. Besides we may elaborate an individual program for you according to your request.

To extend your aerospace tour we may suggest you visiting Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre (excursions, space training programs, corporate events), L-29 and L-39 flights, tours to RSC Energia Museum, Monino Airforce Museum and Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics.

We may either render you the following services:

Application procedure and payment

To book a tour you have to send us in your data as via participants’ form at our webpage and a passport copy not later than 45 days before the tour starts.

Flights and accommodation

The flight may be either direct of connection depending on the launch date.

Our tour provides accommodation in “Sputnik” 4* hotel and “Centralnaya” 2* hotel, both are situated in Baikonur city.

Photo and video shooting in Baikonur

We get non professional photo and video shooting permission for our tour participants. If there are any restrictions TSENKI specialists accompanying us at restricted areas will warn you in advance.

Tour options without flights included

You may get to Baikonur yourself and we will arrange access clearance for you in accordance with your program. But we will need detailed information about your arrival and departure to arrange everything the proper way since Baikonur is a restricted area.

What to take

The climate of Baikonur is distinctly continental, thus you have to take with you the proper clothing. In the period from March to November it is necessary to take warm clothes, from May to September it is extremely hot in Baikonur and sunglasses and head-dresses are necessary.

No dress code is needed.

Currency to use

They use Russian rubles as currency in Baikonur. You’d better take cash with you since it is almost impossible to pay by card in Baikonur. Anyway ATM is available.

Internet in Baikonur

Wi-fi is available in “Sputnik” hotel and in some cafes. You may either buy local SIM cards.

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